I am Leon Kolenda, a life-long lover of photography and art. My love for photography has caused me to roam a lot to capture the beauty of nature and what I see. When the digital age arrived, I was ecstatic that I could marry my two passions – art and technology.

With last year’s travel restrictions, I stayed home more and worked in my private studio. It ended up being a blast! I worked on creative still life and added to my already broad collection of landscape and cityscapes.

At the request of many friends and admirers of my work, I decided to put together a place where I could share my art and photography. And allow everyone to purchase images in various sizes and different media formats.

My wife and I have joked that our house is a cross between a library and an art gallery. She’s the reader and writer, and I am the artist. She loves the beauty it has brought to our own home. She was one of my greatest encouragers to put this together – so THANKS, Jeanne!

Thanks for allowing me to help decorate your life, whether it is your home or your office.

kind words

Sue P. ~ Florida
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“Thanks Leon! Your beautiful still-life has a place of pride on my office wall! Stunning!”
Diane H. ~ Colorado
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“Leon, the art is beautiful! I’m so happy you shared the choices with me.”
Melissa P. ~ S. Carolina
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“Absolutely breathtaking - the huge print on metal in my dining room. It always seems to be the dinner talk!”
Brian A. ~ Georgia
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“This piece went into my new lake house. I had the perfect spot for everyone to see it. Museum Quality!”
Susan L. ~ S. Carolina
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“I looked again at my Calendar this morning, It's Amazing! I love every Picture in it!”
Randy P. ~ S. Carolina
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“You have an amazing ability to make things appear 3D like. Quite Remarkable!”
Leigh-Ann OJ. ~ Texas
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“It makes me reflect on our forefather's willingness to fight for truth, I Love it! Needs to be in a Historical Museum!”

Get in Touch

You can contact me by clicking on the Contact Tab in the Menu above, or you can email me at: info@5starwallart.com.  I can also be reached by phone at 843-492-0800.

I am available to discuss special projects, including commercial and product photography. 

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