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Yes, use the Contact me at the top of the page to discuss your project.

Maximum of 14-days from the date of order, if on the East Coast, could be sooner. Once the order is shipped, we will send a tracking number to you via email. Please, understand that ALL of our products are made to order and not sitting on a shelf, that’s why they take a little longer.

Thank You, for your patience and understanding.

Go to the Shop in the menu at the top of the page Select your image of choice and choose your selections on the product page, then Add to Cart!

Yes, currently, we offer Photographic Paper, Acrylic, Canvas, Metal. See the other Media options on your image product page.


We use quality archival inks that should last up to 75-years or more. That depends on if you keep them out of very direct sunlight for an extended time. In other words, you can expect them to last you a lifetime.


Yes, But only at year-end, because of the requests for Holiday Season gifts. Sign-up for my newsletter, and I’ll send you an email when we take orders at the start of the last quarter of the year. That way, I can keep the cost down by doing a bulk order. Pricing, products, and other things are subject to change. Check back from time to time.


Not at this time, but I will be adding some soon, so check back with us and sign-up for the newsletter, and I will keep you posted on all the future promotions and specials.


Placement is important, Not too high and not too low. Eye Level is best unless you’re creating a gallery on a larger wall. Don’t place it where there is not very much light. Sunlight is ok, if it’s filtered somewhat and not exposed to it all day long.

Lighting is very important when it comes to displaying images and artwork. Track-lighting is the best, it’s what Galleries and Museums use.

Before LED’s Halogen track-lights were about all you could find, but now there are many different LED Track light fixtures available, it’s even better if they are dimmable, and if they have a remote to control them.


Be Careful not to get the wrong color LED bulbs you want to get daylight to warmer color. I prefer the warmer toned LED’s, They last a Long time compared to Halogen. Also, Light placement is very important.

 If possible, try to keep the lighting above the image, that way you won’t see any harsh lights reflecting in your image. Reflections can rob you of the proper viewing of your image.

What works really well on a week to week basis is using a good old fashioned Feather-Duster! You don’t even have to touch the print, just a few light swipes and you’re done! Metal Prints are even lower maintenance.

They are made of aluminum, and aluminum has no static electricity, so not very much dust! Again, Feather-Duster! Now if you have to clean something more than dust, then just use a good clean Microfiber cloth, and spray a little distilled water onto the cloth, NOT THE IMAGE! Never use any Household cleaning products! No windex, or any glass cleaners, unless you’re cleaning a print that is framed and has glass on top of it. I still like to use distilled water, it leaves No residues of any kind.

Well that’s a matter of taste, and what style your room is where your’e going to place your image. Generally, Gatorfoam, dibond, and Canvas can be framed to your style of liking that would fit your room. Metal, and Acrylic are not recommended for framing. They are more contemporary and Modern looking, and really float from the wall. But they can look great in rustic cabins and beach homes also. As far as durability goes the Gatorfoam is the least. The rest of the Media is wonderful! I recommend trying a few of the different media in smaller sizes to see what you think.

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